Admission Process

The first step of admission process is email or call 09730111107 to take an appointment for carrier counseling. The second step book your seat of your preferred batch by giving just 2,000/-. Confirm you seat by making full payment as early as possible or by giving PDC (post dated cheques)


Finance can also be available for potentially genuine case.

The final decision of giving admission through finance would strictly depend on the joint decision of head of the institute and finance company. No argument will be entertained in this regard.


Q – Are there any exams?
A: In the basic module of FIIH fellowship program has a clinical exam at the end of each term. The final exam will be case based exam and MCQ pattern theory paper followed by Viva Exam. Similar pattern of exam is applicable for advanced and super-speciality module.

Q: Can any other graduates who are not qualified Homeopaths but still practicing homoeopathy enroll for this course?
A: the course is primarily meant for people who have a valid graduate/ Post Graduation Course in Homeopathy. However qualified Health Care Professionals from other streams like MBBS, BAMS, etc can join the course.

Q: How will the clinical training of the students be conducted?
A: Almost all the important topics are covered very comprehensively by a case based learning module. This program will enable students to practically learn the clinical applications of various homeopathic principles. Our course encourages students to apply these principles in real life cases and to learn from the successes and failures of their own and others experiences, both as homeopaths and as practitioners. Additionally the lectures, workshops, seminars and homoeopathic camps, etc. will make them more confident in prescribing as an effective homoeopath.

Q: What are the payment options?
A: The student must pay the fees by preferably by cash, Cheque or Demand Draft drawn in the name of Indian Institute of Homoeopathy. We also have an option wherein the student can pay fees in 3 installments in the form of PDCs (Post Dated Cheques)

Q: Who can join?
A:Homeopaths with following qualifications – LCEH, DHMS, BHMS, MD can join the course. Plus people with all qualifications listed under HCC Schedule I and II can apply for this course.

Q: Can I pursue other courses along with this course?
A: Yes, The structure and teaching method of the course is such you can purse it simultaneously along with other courses or practice.

Q: Where do the workshops/seminars take place?
A: The workshop will be conducted in air conditioned conference rooms with state of art facilities like AV Projectors, Connections for Laptops, etc.

Q: What if I am not able to attend a particular worksop/session?
A:Do not worry. Each workshop/seminar will be video-graphed and uploaded online. These can be accessed by the students after logging in and so can have complete material from the website.

Q: Who will help me if I run into technical problems?
A:If you are having trouble accessing the course materials Online, you can contact our support team at

Q: Will these courses enable me to prescribe and compound homeopathic remedies?
A: The completion of FIIH Course does not entitle any person to practice Homoeopathy if he/she is not a Qualified Registered Homoeopathic Practitioner. However, hobby practitioners of Homoeopathy can update their existing knowledge of Homeopathy and learn its practical application by doing these courses.

Q: What certification will I receive on completion of course?
A: You will be awarded a certificate confirming your successful completion of FIIH from Indian Institute of Homoeopathy.

Q: Is clinical homeopathy taught in FIIH?
A: The focus of the course is to make each student apt in successful application of homeopathic principles in clinical practice, thereby making them more confident in treating all disease conditions and have more cures while these patients.

Q: On completion what will I achieve?
A: Upon graduation students will have achieved:

i) Practical skills with a good foundation and clarity in the principles of homoeopathy.
ii) Confidence to set up and the ability to run a successful practice.

Professionalism, high standard and to make successful self-employed professionals are our axioms

Q: What is the examination pattern?
A: All students appearing for FIIH course will be evaluated on the following basis – Examination (MCQ pattern) Theory paper and Clinical case study followed by Viva.

Q: What grades are needed to successfully complete the course?
A: since in this course equal emphasis is given to science as well as art of Homoeopathy the practical evaluation will be done by grade system rather than marks system. To successfully complete the FIIH course the student must get at least B+ in examination and subsequently clear the Viva.

Q: Can I reappear for the exams if I do not get passing grades in first attempt?
A: In case a student fails to get B+ grade in examination; he/she can reappear for the exams with the next batch

Q: Will I have to repay examination fees for reappearing for the exams?
A: Reappearing for exams with the next batch is free. If the student wants to reappear for exams third time, in this case he/she will have to pay 50% of the initial examination fees.

Q: Beside the Post Graduation Course in Homeopathy certificate which other awards are available?
A: There are many awards to be won during the academic year such as – Best Student of the Year, Best Thesis of the Year and Best Video case of the Year, etc.

Q: What are the other benefits of course?
A: The course material is specially designed by teachers who are masters in Homeopathy.

  • Efforts are made to ensure the course is knowledge-based and at the same time it teaches you its practical application.
  • Students can take self-assessment test that will help them to judge their competency in mastering the course and motivates them to study better.
  • The student has the liberty to decide which type of course he wants to pursue in advanced and super-speciality module.

  • Student-centered teaching
    Every student has his own way of learning that works best for him. Each has his own pace. Therefore limited number of seats enables the guide to give personal attention and interaction to each student and evaluate his own progress regularly.

  • Exposed to knowledge
    Indian Institute of Homoeopathy through this training program tries to give a second chance of learning even after completion of their graduation. This covers those vital points which cannot be learned in books. This training will give them finishing touch as an esteemed, competent and confident Homoeopath.

  • Increases student interaction:
    the highly customized and comfortable environment during training program and limited numbers of candidates gives each student an equal opportunity to participate in the discussion, share his/her queries and opinions, and not just to the most talkative ones. It also gives enough time for the student to think and add his comments when they are ready.
  • Makes instructors more approachable
    Indian Institute of Homoeopathy through this training program has given an opportunity of student of Nagpur and Vidarbha a firsthand interaction with the greatest stalwarts of current time.

  • Global interaction
    Through our forums, you can interact with other students of Homeopathy globally and discuss ideas and concepts.

Q: What is a Fee Policy?
A: Please note the course fees payable for admission is as follows -

Rs. 15000 + 12.36% service tax (as applicable) including Examination fees + participation in mega-seminars

(Cheque / DD is to be made in the name of ‘Indian Institute of Homoeopathy ’)

You can also avail the option of paying the fees in 3 installments.

1st Installment – Rs. 7,000 Cheque/DD at the time of admission.
Remaining two installments are in the form of Post Dated Cheques, which are to be submitted at time of admission.
2nd Installment – Rs. 5,000, cheque dated 1 month from date of admission .
3rd Installment – Rs. 3,000, cheque dated 2 months from date of admission .

Q: What is a Refund Policy?
A: No refund once you are admitted for the course except in special case like major accident/illness or other extreme occurrences which must have prior approval of the Course Coordinator. Otherwise in other cases you can join any batch throughout that year.