Course Contents:

Organon of medicine with Homoeopathic Philosophy
Principles and practice of Hahnemannian concept of Homeopathy, Philosophy, Practice of Homoeopathy in Medicine, Miasms, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Homoeopathic Materia Medica Including Applied Aspects
Advanced and comparative M.M, Practice of Homoeopathy in Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Advanced Case taking, repertories & repertorization, computerized repertorization

Practice Of Medicine
General medicine and practice of Homeopathy in General medicine including tropical medicine, Diagnosis and miasmatic approach to medicine

Method of Teaching
Regular tutorials/workshops will be arranged throughout the course twice a week. This case based training program where the cases along with relevant references would be submitted to the students one week prior. The students are advised to work out the cases as best of their abilities. Each case will be allotted two sessions where first session would cover theoretical aspect while second session will cover practical aspect. Here the students get autonomy work over the case and the interactive session gives them opportunity to exchange views with the teachers and guides. Clinical training will be held under the supervision of qualified homeopaths. There will be mega-seminars every month giving students an opportunity to get trained from the stalwarts. This three staged training program involves first stage of case taking second stage of case processing and last stage of case management. This also includes training on clinical diagnosis and management. The most unique topic to be covered in this program will be special session on personality development, attitude and confidence building needed to achieve stupendous success in your noble profession.

Clinical Experience
Students can willfully opt for posting in OPD/IPD/ICU set ups affiliated with Indian Institute of Homoeopathy. Through this they can gain requisite clinical experience through observation and case analysis with Homoeopathic approach.

Student’s Assignments
1. Cases given to be submitted before session.
2. Complete Thesis in consultation with guide in advanced and super-speciality module.

Has to attend 70 percent workshops / seminars / lessons.